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G7 Wireless Sensor

No more cabling in agriculture environmental monitoring!

Wireless Sensors transmit data to base station in range 1200 meter.

Sensor can be temperature, humidity, level, load cell or any standard industrial transducers in the market.

G7 wireless sensor supports both analog and digital input.


  • IoT in Smart Factory & Smart Farming
  • Temperature & Soil Humidity Monitoring in Farming
  • Level Alarm in Oil Tank
easemind g7 wireless data logger
 Communication Module Function
4G Data Logger4G3GGPRS & SMSEthernetWi-Fi MultipointModbus
GSN8-HV-4Güûüüû üû
GSN8-MS-4Güûüüû ûü
GSX8-HV-4Güûüûû üû
GSX8-MS-4Güûüûû ûü
3G Data Logger        
GSN8-HV-3Gûüüüû üû
GSN8-MS-3Gûüüüû ûü
GSX8-HV-3Gûüüûû üû
GSX8-MS-3Gûüüûû ûü
GPRS Data Logger        
GSN8-HVûûüüû üû
GSN8-MSûûüüû ûü
GSX8-HVûûüûû üû
GSX8-MSûûüûû ûü
Wi-Fi Data Logger        
GSX8-HV-WFûûûûü üû
GSX8-MS-WFûûûûü ûü
Input Output ChannelsMultipointModbus
AD Channel (AD)1111
* Analog Sensor88
* Temperature Sensor82
Digital Channel (DI)410
* Pulse Sensor44
* Alarm Sensor410
Relay Output (DO)44
Modbus Data Registers016
Digital Temperature Sensor (max.)82
Humidity Sensor11
Common Features 
Data Logging IntervalProgrammable (1 ~ 60 minutes)
Data Upload IntervalProgrammable (5s ~ 24 hours)
Data UploadOn Schedule / Manual Request / Alarm Triggered
Internal Data RecordAverage 30000 records (4MB)
Alarm TriggerAnalog Level Ultra-High/High/Low/Ultra-Low, Digital Alarm, Power Loss/Resume
Server Network ConnectionDynamic Domain Name / Fixed IP
Data Transmission[GSX8: GPRS, SMS] * [GSN8: GPRS, SMS, Ethernet]
Protocol[Ethernet – UDP & TCP], [GPRS – UDP & TCP]
Central ServerIndependent Server IP for GPRS & Ethernet Data
Modbus Device PortRS485 & RS232
Alarm DataGPRS / Ethernet / SMS
SMS Alarm TextUser programmable SMS alarm text to max. 8 mobile phones
Local SetupEthernet or USB Port by PC Software
PC Communication PortRJ45 10/100M Ethernet or USB Port
Remote CommandGPRS, SMS or Ethernet
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